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As our success stories prove, marriages are really made at Shaadilagna.com. Here's wishing all our members who found their ideal partner here a lifetime of happiness! If you found your dream match through Shaadilagna.com, we would like to hear your success story too. So, just send in your wedding/ engagement photograph and it will be exclusively featured in our "success stories".

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Pavil weds Arya
It was just after seven o’clock in the evening on a hot, windless night that felt a lot like the inside of a closed tent under the scorching midday sun. I was wearing a silk and chiffon Delphine Manivet wedding dress, specifically chosen for how elegantly it would move and flow on the infamously windy island. Instead, the garment clung limp and lifeless to my svelte, sweaty body, while the adhesive designed to keep a discreet stick-on bra attached, slowly began to melt.

Shaadilagna.com congratulates PAVIL and ARYA & wishes them a happy married life.

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